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TENTACOOL! So many kids are obsessed with sharks because they’re the sea’s apex predator with jagged teeth capable of tearing into anything unlucky enough to swim in their way. Do you know what we say about all that? Good for you, sharks. Good. For. You! Even with their scary teeth and intimidating energy, sharks don’t impress us. When picking our favorite aquatic creature, scare tactics and overall fright factor don’t play a part; showmanship and uniqueness are what we look for, which is why the octopus is our favorite underwater species. Octopi are awesome! (Even the word ‘octopi’ is fun to say.) Who needs rows of pointy teeth when you have 3 hearts, 8 legs, 9 brains, a pouch with ink and a whole body full of blue blood?Do you think an octopus could take down a shark, or at the very least, do you think an octopus is aesthetically cooler than a shark? If so, the child blue octopus costume needs to swim into your home this Halloween. It’s a fun way for little marine-biologists-in-the-making to get closer to their favorite aquatic creature. Move over shark costumes; the blue octopus costume is making waves! PRODUCT DETAILS The child blue octopus costume is a Made by Us design so it’s high-quality and expertly crafted. The tunic-type costume fits over the head with a peek-hole so the face can stick out comfortably, while the lining of the costume features suction cup printed fabric. The 8 arms (or legs, or both) dangle below the knees, creating a spectacular deep-sea ensemble. Wear it with a comfortable pair of black pants and shoes to create a splash when trick-or-treating!CEPHALOPOD FUNThis Halloween, it’s the cephalopods versus the sharks! Team up with your best friend, wearing our Made by Us child squid costume, and hunt down a school of sharks!

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