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Of all the M&Ms that are out there, Blue is by far the coolest. Some out there say it is because of his color that he is so hip and cool,l but it’s more so due to him just being completely chill. Don’t lie. You know you pick out the blue ones to save for last, right? We know we aren’t the only ones.This candy is so chill not even a hot day will make him melt (well, he is chocolate, so he probably would melt on hot day – we are just using metaphors liberally, ok?).Though we can’t guarantee you won’t melt if you stand out in the sun, we think dressing as a blue M&M is a great way to pay tribute to your favorite candy this Halloween!Now you can look like the coolest treat ever in this great Blue M&M costume. This officially licensed M&M costume is made of polyfoam and has a giant white “M” screen printed on the front. A pair of white four-finger character gloves are also included for a fun added detail. All you need to do is provide a black undershirt and a pair of black pants and you’ll be ready for some fun this Halloween. You get to do the trick-or-treating rather than being the treat yourself! This costume is perfect for the candy enthusiast or for anyone who wants to get dressed up this Halloween with minimal cost and effort. We know it’s much easier to get out for Halloween when you have an easy costume to put on!

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