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Awesome AbeAbe Lincoln had a lot going for him. He was honest, which is unfortunately a rare quality in politicians. He was tall—6′ 4″ to be exact. That makes him tied with Lyndon B. Johnson for the tallest U.S. president. Oh, and let’s not forget that he was the president who led the country through the Civil War, he abolished slavery, and was one of the main people leading the progressive charge back then. Also, he happened to be a pretty snappy dresser for his time. We’ve even upgraded his nickname from “Honest Abe” to “Awesome Abe.” If your child is going to dress like any historical figure, President Abraham Lincoln is definitely a top choice! And this great costume is the best way to do it!Product DetailsPerfect for kid’s historical reenactments, school plays, and costumes parties, this Kid’s Abe Lincoln Costume transforms your child into the iconic historical figure! It comes with a black, faux suede coat that recreates the look of the coat worn by Abe Lincoln. The shirt front features an attached vest, a shirt collar, and an attached black bow tie at the neck. The black pants match the coat and have elastic in the waist to provide a comfortable fit. Finally, the costume comes with a large top hat. Put it all together and you have a look that’s befitting of an aspiring young president. Of course, if you want your child to have an authentic look, you might want to pick up a faux beard (not included).Ready for it AllYour child can recite the Gettysburgh Adress, or they can lead the nation through hard times! With this Abe Lincoln Costume, they’ll look prepared to serve the American people just like Abraham Lincoln did all of those years ago.

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