Boys Buzz Lightyear Toy Story Union Suit

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To Infinity and… BedKids are a tiny ball of energy. Just when you think they’re all tuckered out for the night, they get a second wind and they’re ready for another round of playtime! It can be kind of tough to wriggle your little one into jammies when they’re raring to go for more adventure. Maybe you need a little help from Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger! This Boy’s Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Union Suit doubles as both a costume for playtime and as a cozy pair of pajamas to wear when it’s time to head to bed!Product DetailsIf your child is between adventure and naptime, then this comfortable Toy Story union suit may just be the perfect outfit for your child! The suit is a single-piece jumpsuit made out of ultra-soft fleece material that feels like a blanket! It fits with a simple zipper down the front and the hood is designed to look just like Buzz’s hood. The suit has Buzz’s signature space suit printed onto the exterior, so when your child zips up in this outfit, they’ll look ready for a trip to infinity and beyond! So, whether your child is ready for bedtime or another mission from Star Command, this is the perfect outfit for them!

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