Boy’s Chain Gang Prisoner Costume

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Busted! You caught him red handed. Maybe you saw him reaching his hand into the cookie jar, when he knows it’ll ruin his dinner. Maybe he tracked in mud on the floor right after it had just been freshly cleaned. Maybe he was picking on his little sister, even after you had told him to just leave her alone. Maybe you even caught him with some well-crafted plans to rob the bank, so he could use the money to purchase an entire toy store of his own (your kid is one crafty little criminal after all)! Whatever the dastardly deed was, now it’s time to pay the price and you have to make the punishment fit the crime. We suggest some work in the chain-gang, or at least a day wearing this Boy’s Chain Gang Prisoner Costume as his just desserts!If your child is ready to do time, then this kids prisoner costume is the place to start! The costume comes with a classic striped design based on vintage chain gang uniforms, so your child will get a dose of 1930’s with his law-breaking outfit. The patterned overalls and matching hat add to the retro style, while the faux leather cuffs add that finishing touch to the costume. All of it combines for a style that tells the world that your child is paying for one serious crime! Of course, you’ll want to pair this costume up with one of our shovel accessories and you might even feel like doing a little bit of hard time yourself in a group prisoner theme.

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