Boys Civil War Black Panther Deluxe Costume


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Black Panther is not a happy camper. How could he be? Sure, he’s a young, rich king but that is only because he lost his father to a villainous scheme. Now he has the heavy weight of being both Wakanda’s king and chieftain placed upon his shoulders. Talk about stressful… But T’Challa is always ready to do some serious bad guy butt kicking with the tons of cool equipment and enhanced abilities he has to back him up! Now, we understand that your child might not have the access to Wakanda technology or magical herbs that give him a connection to the Panther God, but that’s just fine. With this officially licensed Deluxe Black Panther costume for kids, he’ll look exactly like the coolest superhero on the planet! The jumpsuit comes with sculpted foam padding to create a highly muscular look. A molded plastic mask helps your child keep his secret identity concealed as he fights bad guys. Just grab him a pair of our Black Panther gloves and your little one will be ready to be Wakanda’s greatest warrior!Once your child has this MCU Civil War-themed costume on, it’ll be his decision whether he sides with Captain America or Iron Man. Will he choose to avenge Wakanda or decide to track down even deeper threats lurking beneath the surface?Those questions can never be answered and his adventure can never begin unless you grab him this awesome Black Panther Suit. Who know’s maybe your kiddo will even get a call from T’Challa and get the opportunity to lighten the king’s load!

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