Boys Civil War Falcon Deluxe Costume

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What does it take to be the perfect wingman? Of course, it takes loyalty, since the perfect wingman always stand by his best buds. The perfect wingman needs determination, since he might have to battle against Iron Man when the chips are down. Lastly, having a name like “Falcon” never hurts. Captain America is pretty lucky, since his best pal, Sam Wilson, has all of those qualities.Now, your kid can be just like Cap’s number one wingman with this Civil War Falcon costume. Based on the outfit worn by Falcon in the Marvel movie, the jumpsuit has printed armor details, so your child will look ready for action! The included mask will help your child hide his secret identity while he battles against the forces of evil, or Iron Man’s task force. All you child needs is a bit of flight training to have him all set to go!

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