Boys Classic Devil Costume


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Driving the DramaDoes your kid have a special talent for stirring up drama? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, your child’s mischief skills could probably use some finesse. Mischief might not seem like it’s at the top of the list of the desired child. Traits but we think that mischief is at the root of most fun.Here are some devilish ideas for your child to start their devilish career. First, you could totally hook your kid up with a box of plastic bug to be left in unexpected places like the toilet paper roll or behind the dish soap. Or maybe he’ll sneak pineapple onto all pizza orders while no one is looking. As long as your little one isn’t locking you out of the car while grocery shopping, we think your kid’s mischief will be in tip-top shape right in time for this costume to arrive. Product DetailsThis tattered red suit will make your little one look like they’re fresh from the depths of hell. The long tunic has a dramatic tattered collar that matches the asymmetrical hem. The pointed tail is nice and long, making it easy to gesticulate with. Top it all of with the classic red horns and your little one will feel ready to rule mischievously. Sins and Sins-abilityWe’re ready for an extra shot of mischief in the world. And who knows what little tricks your child will come up with on their own. Just remember to finish their look off with a pitchfork and red and black makeup. And if you need to balance it out, you could always pair your child’s look with an angel. Whether that angel is a friend, sibling, or parent, all that trouble your kid is stirring up could use a little reeling in. What’s better than a little demon taking over on Halloween night?

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