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Life of a Lost BoySometimes, being a normal boy on Earth can be a drag. You have to do chores, you have to do homework, and most days, you don’t get to defeat an evil pirate captain. It’s no wonder that kids dream of being Peter Pan, the leader of the Lost Boys.Peter Pan spends his days fighting against Captain Hook, rescuing princesses, and finding treasure in Neverland. When he’s not doing that, he’s playing games with the Lost Boys in their secret hideout. Oh, and did we mention that Peter never has to do any homework? Yeah, being a Lost Boy seems pretty great! Well, maybe your child can get a taste of the Neverland life by wearing this Classic Peter Pan Costume based on the classic storybook character.Product DetailsThis Classic Peter Pan Costume was created by our expert costume designers. Tasked with crafting an outfit for an adventure, they tried to capture the spirit of the classic tale. The costume comes with a rugged dark green tunic that looks like the garb of a lost boy. The leggings are a light green color to contrast with the dark green of the tunic. The belt is made out o faux leather and adds a touch of adventure to the look, while the pointed cap puts the finishing touch to the whole outfit.Captain Hook Awaits!If your child dreams of a life in Neverland, perhaps it’s time to get them the uniform of adventure! This Peter Pan Costume for kids is a complete look that will have your child ready for any kind of danger. Of course, if you wanted to dress up as Captain Hook and recreate one of the most epic duels of all time, we have plenty of adult-sized costumes based on the Peter Pan stories…

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