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There is little more iconic about the festive season of All Hallows Eve than the enigmatic and alluring vampire. Narratives about the night dwelling blood suckers are everywhere in our culture, painting them everywhere from mindless monsters to clever heroes. The toughest thing about classifying the creatures is trying to identify which vampire we’re talking about. It is no longer effective to just say vampire as people need to know which form the night hunter is going to take.We’ve got the Nosferatu, the insidious and hideous crypt dweller who certainly isn’t going to be welcome in any public social gathering. We feel a little sad for the guy, but retractable fangs are pretty much a definite necessity for those aiming to blend into society. We’ve got the Shapechangers… which is pretty hard to try to arrange a consistent outfit for when they can’t decide if they want to look like a person, a bat, a wolf, or some other nightmarish version of itself. The Daywalkers are easy since they really only come in two versions: black trenchcoat for the self-hating vampire hunters or jeans and t-shirt for the teen heart throb. (Not surprisingly, the two version are not fans of each other.) The toughest one for us to identify these days are when kids become vampires! Seems like a rough life to be stuck as a child forever!Fortunately, we have an outfit readied for your vampkiddo that will hold up no matter what era it was when first taking steps into the night. Your tyke will be perfectly comfortable forever in this Classic Vampire costume. Begin with the proper ivory vest with shining faux gold buttons over the top of a brilliant red cummerbund around your youngster’s waist. No classic vampire look would be complete without a red-lined black cape, so you can be certain that we’ve included that so the kiddo can practice holding out the ends of the cape and politely asking who would like to offer up their blood. But, that’s the thing about those classic vampires-who can resist!?

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