Boy’s Costume Missile Popsicle


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Too Much of a Good ThingIt’s been said that you are what you eat. The good news is that doesn’t seem to be entirely true. We know if you eat good food, you feel good. If you eat junk you feel like junk. But we haven’t woken up as something we ate before bed… yet. We’re hoping that never happens. However, if you’re looking for a way to prevent your child from eating too much of one food there may still be some merit to using the phrase. We have a rather extensive collection of costumes that are human-sized foods (it’s the only way we want to turn into our favorite snack). If you have a child that has forgone other foods for something you’d prefer they eat less of, one of our food costumes could be used as a deterrent.For example: in the summer popsicles are eaten to a degree that leaves all your child’s clothing stained with red and blue juice. While popsicles are an okay snack to overindulge on, the mess they make can be incredibly frustrating. Plus, your child refuses to eat anything else.Product DetailsWith this Missile Popsicle Costume, you can turn your child into the food they eat! This easy to wear tunic is just the thing to change your child’s popsicle eating habits. The simple pullover tunic fits most (up to size 14) so you’ll have no problem slipping it over your child’s head the next time they take a sugar crash nap. When they wake up, they’ll look exactly like a popsicle, stick and all! That’s when you deliver the line: you are what you eat!Happy PopsicleNow, if your child wakes up as a popsicle and loves it, you may need to try a different approach—we give no guarantee that they will stop eating popsicles. There is a chance that they think their new popsicle look is the best and decide to enjoy more popsicles while wearing it. Either way, they’re going to look a treat in this Missile Popsicle Costume!

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