Boys Dark Lord Costume


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So he’s mastered the dark arts. He’s mastered the skill of the sword and how to dominate on the battlefield. And those guys over there? Yeah, he’s got himself legions of devoted troops who are ready to march with him into battle, obliterate his enemies, and help him capture the realm once and for all too! There’s got to be one more thing we can do to help him rule… oh yeah, it would definitely be making sure his reign is ready to go by getting him this Dark Lord costume for kids!With this devious look, he’ll be able to put all his shady skills and mastery of wickedness to use, and chances are, he’s going to be ready to bring a thousand years of terror to the realm. Gone will be the white knights, elves, and do-gooders across the kingdom; because your child will have the means and the know how to expel them to faraway lands when he wears this terrifying costume. With a frightening plastic helmet and battle armor, he can be prepared to bring a reign of terror to a distant land or even just onto your own neighborhood. Let’s just hope that he’s content with pillaging all of the trick-or-treat candy and doesn’t ask for all of the gold too!

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