Boys’ Dead Man Rockin’ Costume


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No one has accused Metal music of being dead, but we’re getting a little worried for it. We’re not sure that it has been eating enough and it seems to be wasting away. We tried calling Metal’s mother to alert her of this dangerous trend and even she was worried. These paleo diets are going too far if the heavy rockers are beginning to thin out. What will happen to the music!?Well, it turns out that perhaps our earlier fears were a bit of an exaggeration. The music is still just as rockin’ as it always was, even if the performers are looking a little ragged, a tad different, and… well, let’s face it, bone thin. Metal might not be dead, but it is starting to take on a rather undead appearance. And, it looks like the headlining band is looking for a new lead!Do you think that your kid has it to head the Undead Glam Squad? If so, you need only pick up the Dead Man Rockin’ costume. The pullover shirt ensures that your kiddo is showing off a rockin’ sternum and ribcage. The fans will fawn over the jacket, though, with its studded lapel and shoulder spikes that make up a perfect image, complemented by a skull design belt buckle. If that wasn’t enough of a hard rock look, the skullcap mask and dark-as-death Mohawk style hair and vivid red bandana will have the fans of this Kid Death Metal band seeing blood-and we’re informed that is a good thing. Still, despite the bone-thin appearance, we recommend a full and balanced dinner before your kiddo heads out to heads out to head-bang.

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