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Is your little one ready to save princesses and kingdoms from fire-breathing, spikey-shelled turtles? Does he already have a pretty impressive vertical but dream of becoming a world-renowned jumper? Does he want to grow a huge furry mustache? Well, then he’s going to need to become a plumber and we’ve got the perfect costume for him to start this lustrous career!When we say plumber we don’t mean just any regular ole plumber… No, he must become one of the famed Mario Brothers. That dynamic duo knows a thing or two about thwarting the dastardly plans of that evil Bowser fella. They always seem to come out on top, saving the kingdom and getting the girl. Not too shabby for a pair of plumbers, eh? Well, now with this Deluxe Mario Costume, your little guy can assume the role of leader in that tag-team. Don’t be surprised if he starts speaking with an Italian accent and tossing turtle shells around the house, consider it side-effects. But they are a small price to pay for wearing such a heroic costume! Not only will saving the Mushroom Kingdom become a favorite pastime of his, but your kiddo will also become an expert when it comes to go-kart racing and an all-star in a handful of other sports.If you’re ready for your child to instantly become one of the most iconic videogame characters ever then grab him this Deluxe Mario Costume. Before you know it he’ll be leaping to new heights and saving the day. Give him time to find a friend and the two of them can recreate one of the most memorable twosomes in all of history!

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