Boys Master Chief Classic Muscle Costume

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Video games are a classic pastime of kids all over the world. One of the most popular games among kids in the past decade has been Halo, and kids look up to the main character of those games, Master Chief.Why wouldn’t they? He’s a powerful soldier who’s ready to take on a challenge of any size at a moment’s notice. He does what’s asked of him and follows orders of those handing them down. Now, if only your child would do the same, right? Maybe if they dress up as Master Chief for Halloween they’ll start following the orders you hand down: you could get a clean room, finished homework, and who knows what else out of the deal!When someone asks your kid what he wants to do when he grows up, what is his answer? If it’s, “I want to go into outerspace to fight aliens with big guns,” then chances are your kid is a fan of Halo and he’s ready to take on the next enemy thrown his way! This Boy’s Master Chief Classic Muscle Costume lets him look like the hero from XBox video game series, so even though he may not be old enough fight the Covenant, he can still feel like the hero of humanity. The boys video game costume includes a 100% polyester jumpsuit with fiberfill stuffing to give the appearance of ripped muscles. The jumpsuit fastens with Hook and Loop fastener in the back for easy on and off and is printed with armor details. The padded chest is sculpted and the shoulders also have the fiberfill stuffing. A molded plastic mask completes this kids Halo costume.

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