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So apparently, way back in the day, rag dolls were made from spare materials and other scraps. Now suppose you wanted an authentic rag doll costume for your kiddo, you’d be stuck looking for scraps and leftover materials all around the neighborhood! Sounds like an awful lot of work for a costume that resembles a doll technically made up of trash. Thankfully, times have changed and made life easier for all of us. Now you can order a Raggedy Doll costume from us and we can guarantee that none of the material used for the outfit was floor scraps. The most difficult part of making those darn rag dolls in the past was finding enough yarn to make a full head of hair. Making a life-size wig for a costume would have been nearly impossible! No worries for you, though, now you can grab this Raggedy Doll Boys Wig from us and set up your little one to look like an authentic Raggedy Andy doll with no hassle at all.

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