Boys Red Baymax Inflatable Costume


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So, light ’em up up up. Light ’em up up up. I’m on fire.Sometimes kids need a little help. They need someone to kiss their boo boos, and make them feel better. They need someone to comfort them when they are sad. Someone to hug them when they are lonely. Normally that would be their parents. But sometimes they need a friend instead, sometimes even a robotic friend.Sometimes your son needs Baymax. The hot air balloon robot from Big Hero 6. The perfect health care provider. He wants the monotone robotic voice of a big balloon to tell him that everything is going to be okay. He wants to be able to teach Baymax to fight. To fist bump. To fly.And, sometimes your kid wants to be Baymax. He wants to be the one who comforts his family. He wants to be the one who saves his friends. Get your son this Boys Red Baymax Inflatable Costume, and let him be the cutest health care provider you’ve ever seen. He can kiss his sister’s scratched knee, or help a friend who is being picked on at school. Fighting the bully with kindness, then flying off to into the distance to Fall Out Boys My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark.

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