Boy’s Sound FX Yellow Bio Hazard Costume


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A Whole New WorldOh boy, this is going down. You thought it might be a false alarm when the sirens went off. After all, how are you going supposed to tell the difference between the chaos of rush hour and the chaos of an apocalyptic event? But when folks stated showing up in hazmat suits, you knew that you’d better fill the bathtub with water and seal up your windows. While many of your neighbors cleared out, you wanted to stick around to see how things wound up. And you were glad because there’s nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic when you’re stressed. Especially when you’re stressed about the undead coming around and hassling you in the privacy of your own vehicle!The only thing is, when you’re staying put, you’ve got to make sure that you and yours can blend in with the new ghoulish residents in your neighborhood. This undead hazmat suit is great way to make sure your kiddo can enjoy the outdoors without standing out as a living inhabitant of your community. Now that’s smart post-apocalyptic thinking!Costume DetailsThis bright costume is a bright and unusual take on a zombie costume. The bright hooded jumpsuit zips up the front with toxic spills and warning icons printed throughout. While the hood cinches around a mask that loops around the back of the head with an elastic band. The costume is polished off with a pair of gloves and a belt that carries the soundbox. With sound effects, a hazmat suit, and a creepy mask, your child will love the shock and aw this costume brings to this year’s trick-or-treating!All In The FamilyAre you creating a zombified family? There’s an undead or survivor look for every personality. From spooky cheerleader to an undead doctor, this year’s afterlife is sure to be a blast!

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