Boys SWAT Commander Costume

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Your Little HeroFlump! What was that noise, they wonder. In an instant, they’re running up the stairwell, looking from side to side. Who knows what may be around any of those hallway corners? They make it to the door, and count off to three. One, two, three… Bam! Into the door and the reports were true. Filled with stuffed animal villains, each of them plotting to raid the candy cabinet! Well, not today, Mr. Bear!Saving the day is one of the youngest heroes in the history of the force, all geared up with this SWAT Commander Costume. Sounds epic doesn’t it? That could be your little hero with the help of this costume! Create a grand story, launch an epic rescue, or just kick back in the off-hours with your SWAT kiddo.Product DetailsWhy settle for a being a plain ole’ police officer when you can go above and beyond the call of duty while dressing as a SWAT Commander? It just makes no sense at all, and we’re sure your little one will feel the same. They’ll love getting dressed up in this authentic-looking, classic blue and black uniform. This costume even comes equipped with the official SWAT vest that will have your tyke looking like a boss as soon as they put it on! The vest zips up the front and comes with pouches for all their gear… or their candy, of course! Hero of the YearWe have to warn you though parents, this kid may get an attitude thinking they’re the boss when sporting this crime-fighting getup. That’s just a price you’ll have to pay to have a fearless SWAT leader living under your roof. Sure you’ll still have to pack up a lunch and make sure they get their naps in. Fighting crime demands a side kick, after all.

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