Boys Toddler Native American Costume


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You’re not surprised that your little guy got a part in the play. You knew that he tried as hard as he could during the auditions. But then again he’s always been a little bit of an actor.You weren’t surprised that he got a role, you just thought it would be a walk on part. Something where he had no lines. But no, he got the part of one of the Tiger Lily’s friends. You aren’t concerned about him learning the few words he will say. “We believe in you Tink!” No, you are worried about what he is going to wear. Because it is a local production they aren’t able to provide costumes to everyone.Well, you don’t have to worry where you are going to get the perfect costume for your perfect little man. This Boy’s Toddler Native American Costume is the way to go. He will put it on and instantly feel as if he lives with Tiger Lily in the forests of Neverland. He will have grand adventures, play hunting the Lost Boys, and reviving Tinker Bell with words of belief. Just don’t be surprised if next year he will want to become the lead in The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow up. Just make sure he never stops believing in fairies, even when he takes this costume off.

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