Boys Toddler Roman Senator Costume


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Have you noticed your son holding a lot of sway in your household lately? We don’t know when that secret election happened either but it seems like your little one’s persuasive speeches (aka: bad puppy eye skills) have been influencing the laws of your household. For instance, you hardly even noticed that the law about not having snack in the living room had been overturned until months later when the crumbs and jelly stains began to accumulate. Well, that’s politics for you! What mandates will your little man be supporting in the next senate session? The allowance tax is likely to be passed, as is the bedtime ban. If we were in your shoes we’d keep watch over the freezer. It’s likely that your little one will lift the embargo on that ice cream. If this type of free trade happens you’re likely to open the freezer and find some plastic dinosaurs in place of those ice cream sandwiches that you were hoarding for your chocolate emergency needs. While it’s important to keep up an open dialogue with your senator you can’t help but feel proud of your witty kid’s persuasive skills. For his next costumed event, you might as well celebrate his political success! He’ll feel official as the original version of a senator. In a toga and gold laurel headband he might even be inspired to support fairer laws. Maybe the noble sheath of red with the gold lion medallion will influence him in those harsh ice cream trade agreements. From now on you’ll get two T-rex figures for one ice cream bar, that’s got to be fair, right? Hey, render onto Caeser what outa be Caeser’s!

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