Boys Zoot Suit Costume


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Raising a young little charmer can be quite the task. Tiny smooth talkers have charisma that’s hard to resist and a sense of style that just can’t be satisfied by your average hoodie and jeans kind of wear. You’re just not going to satisfy his cool style with a dinosaur shirt and some shorts. Nope, he needs something a little more sophisticated. He needs something that complements his silver tongue. He needs something with a little bit of vintage 20s style that’ll have him rolling into the speakeasy as the dapperest Dan of them all. Then, how about giving this zoot suit costume a try?This boy’s zoot suit costume comes with the style that your little Casanova craves. The costume set comes with a matching pinstripe jacket and pant set that will have him looking like the head gangster of a 20’s mafia crew. Just pair it up with his own dress shirt and a fancy tie and your kid will be ready to rule the roost with his handsome new outfit.You can customize your child’s look to turn him into the tough gangster type, or the smooth sweet talker type by adding a few of our 1920s style accessories. Add a toy tommy gun to the look and your kid will be ready to become a renowned bank robber. Give him one of our fake facial accessories and he’ll be charming everyone at the speakeasy. Just make sure to pick up a kid’s fedora hat to really set him apart from the rest!

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