Bubblegum Cutie Child Costume

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Oh to be young again. Remember how great it was to get your allowance for the week and run down to the store to buy a bunch of candy? This was a time when budgeting didn’t matter, when sugar intake wasn’t a concern, and when dentist bills and cavities were just something that big people worried about. Those were the days when you were free to splurge on candy all day and dream about all the good times you would have with your friends.Then adulthood set in, and instead of candy runs, now you’ve got deadlines and doctor appointments. Early morning alarms and early bedtimes. This is the irony of growing up, you don’t have the money but lots of time as a kid, and you’ve got money but no time to be young when you’re an adult. But the sadness of becoming a grownup gets replaced with other things…like the joy of having your own kids and seeing them experience the same fun kid stuff that you did…like candy runs to the store. If that describes them, they are gonna love this Child Bubblegum Cutie costume.This 100% polyester knit fabric has a shiny metallic wet-look finish, and will remind you of the bubblegum machines of the old days. The sleeveless pullover dress has a full gathered skirt, and the “gumballs” in the machine are pom poms, with a clear plastic coating over the chest. The costume also comes with a shiny red “gumball” on the plastic headband. Complete the costume by adding a pair of red tights from our accessories store!

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