Bunny Kids Costume

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Everyone now, sing it with us: Little Bunny Cute-Cute, hopping through the forest, scooping up the Halloween candy, and bopping right off to bed!So maybe that’s not quite the rendition you know.But we bet that you and your kiddo will have fun coming up with countless new takes on everyone’s favorite children’s song, all inspired by this super sweet outfit! Your child, aka Little Bunny Cute-Cute, will be so busy hopping with excitement that it may be hard to pin her down for a serious songwriting session. But can you blame her? With this outfit, she gets not one–but two–happy holidays that she can celebrate in super-cuddly style. This adorable Child Bunny Costume is a surefire Halloween win…we mean, who would be so cruel as to not give a ton of candy to this little bunny? Monsters, that’s who. But never mind that. The fun doesn’t stop at trick-or-treating, though; when Easter rolls around, Little Bunny Cute-Cute will re-emerge and grace the world with her presence yet again. Your darling will love wearing this jumpsuit in the spring just as much as she did when the leaves were falling and the cider was steaming. Add our bunny nose for the finishing touch to this fluffy velour and satin jumpsuit and then give her a basket to fill to the brim with Easter eggs or Halloween treats! We think you two will be making up songs–and memories–to last you a whole year, and beyond.

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