Bunny Leggings for Girls


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THE QUEST FOR CUTEThere are times that we just have to find a way to push the boundaries that humanity once knew. First, there was attempting to turn the minerals of the earth into metal that we might achieve even greater things. Some time later, we reached to pierce the heavens and find a way to put our feet on the surface of the moon. Then, we attempted to pull apart the building block of the universe and see inside the quantum stuff of the atom. And, now, we attempt to break even greater ground and discover the truest form of “cute.”DESIGN & DETAILSOur team of ground-breaking designers have managed to blend science, magic, and fabrication together to create these Girl’s Bunny Leggings. These exclusive leggings might not push us into the next age of scientific discovery, but they are a pair of astoundingly comfortable white jersey tights with light pink punny silhouettes that will increase any look’s cute factor at least ten times more adorable! DISCOVER THE BUNNY WAVEScience teaches us that the world becomes unpredictably amazing when you get into the quantum realm of things. Who knew that in those very depths, we would find these adorable Bunny Leggings that had the power to make everything cuter!?

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