Butterbean’s Café Costume for Kids


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A Chef in the MakingIt’s pretty easy to tell when your little one has been watching Butterbean’s Cafe. Your child will suddenly have an interest in using peculiar recipes during your next baking session! She might ask for Fluttercookies or Poppy’s Perfect Surprise Cake… and she might insist on adding some fairy dust to every single recipe you make. The good news is that you can enjoy some quality time with your child, teaching her how to make all sorts of new recipes, since any little Butterbean’s Cafe fan is going to want to learn every recipe that she can!Now, with this Butterbean’s Cafe Kids Costume, your child can transform into an adorable fairy chef! It’s officially licensed and comes with everything she needs for her new role as a master cook!Product DetailsThis costume comes with a simple white shirt with a ruffled, gold hemline. Plenty of printed jellybeans appear on the front, getting your little one ready for a shift in the kitchen! The pants are bright pink and fit with elastic in the waist. They also have plenty of printed blue jellybeans all over. Finally, the fairy wings fit with a fastener that attaches to the back of the costume and are designed to look like cookies! Put it all together and you’ll have a little one who looks ready to whip up a batch of Flutter Butter and Banana Giggle Sandwiches!Cooking Training!If your little one is interested in cooking, or is just a huge fan of the Nickelodeon’s hit cartoon series, Butterbean’s Cafe, then they’ll love dressing up as the one and only Butterbean! Just make sure you have a few recipes picked out, because your little one will be ready to try out a few new dishes when she’s all dressed up in this outfit!

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