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Happy with the JavelinasThe desert isn’t for everyone. Some people just don’t understand the appeal of sand, wind, and sun. But some people, such as your kiddo, are drawn to the wide-open spaces of the west. They love the creatures of the landscape. The little lizards that skitter on sun-warmed rocks, the quail mommas that hurry into the underbrush with their chicks in a line behind her, the coyotes that howl just after the sun goes down. Let’s not forget the little piggies of the desert, the javelinas. Every desert creature is special. And because of that, it would be hard for your desert-loving child to decide which animal to dress up for on Halloween night. Instead of dressing up as an animal, why not offer them a brilliant solution? By disguising themself as the iconic Saguaro cactus, they can watch all the wild desert goings-on. Think of this cactus costume as a backstage pass to all the desert drama!Details & DesignThis Kid’s Cactus Costume has a unique look designed by our in-house creative team. The hooded bodysuit covers his or her whole body and zips up the front, making it a quick look to change into. The sleeves fold over their hands with simple slits so their fingers can still function for trick-or-treating. Which is pretty darn important! The trunk of the cactus jumpsuit ends in two shoe covers that will cover whatever footwear kind of footwear they’d like. Topped off with a pink bloom, this cactus is sure to be a hit with javelinas and neighbors, alike!West is BestFalling in love with all things western is easy to do. It’s a fascination that’s usually life long. That’s why having a simply shaped costume that your boy or girl can wear year after year is a great thing. Because even if your child is living in the big city with all of its concrete trappings, this Cactus Costume will make them feel much closer to the wide-open spaces they crave!

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