Cap’n Stinker Costume


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Ahoy, matey! Your little scallywag’s…er…poop deck needs changing (we could make a pretty good pirate’s “booty” joke, but we’re feeling generous and spare you.)When Junior grows up, he is no doubt going to have rules to follow: he’ll have to clean his room, do his homework, be nice to his brother, and even earn his keep with chores. For now, then, why not let him play up his pirate life in this adorable Cap’n Stinker Costume? He can be gruff and a little rough around the edges and no one will even bat an eye. He already likes shiny treasures, and the sounds of distant waves often lull him right to sleep. He sounds like a true seafarer to us! So let him live it up for a night; after all, giving a baby the power to pillage and plunder is preferable to giving that freedom to, say, a teenager, right? Plus, isn’t the only word he can say right now, “Arrrrgh?” It seems like a natural fit!Without a doubt, this costume is the cutest way for him to practice sailing the seven seas! It features a ruffled-shirt jumpsuit and adorable-as-heck striped crushed velvet pants…not to mention a skull-and-crossbones cap and a big ole (faux) belt buckle. Let’s just be honest: Halloween is all about making sure you’re baby is the cutest one on the block; secure his “captain of cute” status with this ensemble.

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