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A HERO TO ALLEveryone wants to be Captain Marvel! After all, the way she stands up to the Skrull baddies is awesome. She’s also a highly skilled pilot, she has a really cool cat, and she rides a motorcycle. And we haven’t even mentioned the long list of amazing superpowers she has. She has super-strength, flight, and she can shoot photon beams from her hands, but she has one even cooler superpower… super mohawk hairstyle power!The mohawk she sports when saving the galaxy is a hairstyle that really helps her look like the powerhouse superhero that she is! Now, your child can get that same look when she wears this Captain Marvel Mohawk Headpiece for children.PRODUCT DETAILSThis Captain Marvel headpiece is officially licensed from the 2019 movie and is designed to recreate Carol Danvers look. The headpiece has synthetic blonde hair, styled into the signature mohawk in the movie. It fits easily on your child’s head and makes for the perfect finishing touch for your child’s transformation into the Marvel superhero.AVENGERS MATERIALIf your little girl can’t wait to become a superhero like Captain Marvel, then this officially licensed mohawk headpiece is the final touch that she’ll need to join the Avengers!

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