Cha-Cha The Umbrella Academy Mask


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Job Opportunity in your TimelineDon’t like people messing with the timeline? You are not alone and The Temps Commission has the perfect job for you. How does the position of “Time-Traveling Assassin” sound to you? It’s a dream job, right?! Well, it’s all yours. Your first day will be this Halloween. But first, you’ll want to prepare.How would a professional time-traveling assassin dress? Hmmm. We think you should follow the example of the best in the business. No, not Number Five. He’s a traitor to this organization and will be eliminated. Maybe even by you, if you’re lucky. (Big promotion with that kill.) Anyways, we were talking about the team of Cha-Cha and Hazel. Those two go with the classic combination of black suits and creepy, cartoony masks. In fact, with this Umbrella Academy Cha-Cha Mask and a killer suit, you’ll be ready for Halloween a.k.a. your first day as a Hitman for the Commission!Ensure that all goes as planned and that the apocalypse happens exactly when it’s supposed too. No one will want to mess with the timeline when you stare them down in this pink oversized dog mask. Find the right person to be your partner and the two of you can protect your timeline!

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