Chic Girl Power Pop Star Costume for Women

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So You’re quite the singer, eh?So, we heard you’re quite the singer. Quite the chic singer, some even say! So, sing us a song, won’t you? Pretty please! Okay, we admit the even the most glamorous and world-renowned singers aren’t quite ready to sing on-demand since it’s all about the process. Put on your stage outfit, do your vocal warm-ups, and then you’ll be ready to engage the crowd! Fortunately, we can help you out with that situation, because even if your own wardrobe isn’t ready for the stage, we’ve got great costume selections that are perfectly suited for singing. Like this Women’s Chic Girl Power Pop Star Costume!Design & DetailsSo, you might ask yourself, what exactly is the X factor in this Women’s Chic Girl Power Pop Star Costume? Well, let’s start with the design of the dress. Our design team knows that having a signature style is a mainstay of any pop star performer. And, as it happens, they’ve done quite a bit of research on many of the most popular pop culture singers of all-time. The cut of this costume dress is designed to be flattering and eye-catching. The dress design starts with an elegant violet base, and then we added a floral sheer overlay for super-chic style. This dress’s bold style pairs perfectly with your natural pop power vocals, but a few add-ons like knee-high boots and a blunt bob wig might take your style over-the-top. Those accessories are sold separately, but are highly recommended add-ons!A Great FitIf you’re ready to strut your stuff on the big stage at the arena, then we’re sure this dress costume will be a great fit. And, hey, even if you’ve got slightly more modest plans for Halloween, we’re sure the style of this costume will do the trick, too. That’s what we aim for on our Made by Us designs, costumes that are crafted for any kind of costume fun you can dream up!

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