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Bender must be stopped! I have gone too far. Who does that guy think I am?Some people think Bender’s a bad role model (including Bender). Yes, he’s a foul-mouthed, beer-guzzling recidivist. Sure, he has been known to run shady for-profit orphanages, kidnap celebrities, and make deals with the robot devil. And sure, his greatest dream in life is to kill all humans. But in all fairness, whose isn’t?But despite all of those minor shortcomings, Bender’s actually got the heart of a human (or so he says — we dearly hope he doesn’t mean it literally). Who was the first friend Philip J. Fry made when he was accidentally catapulted into the year 3000? Who else would be kind enough to serve as Planet Express’ chef even if he didn’t have a sense of taste? And who saved the whole world from being burned to ashes by an evil alien that he accidentally brought back with him from outer space? That’s right, it was loveable old Bender!Bender has been stealing our hearts and our wallets since 1999, and this is the costume you need to be just like him. Our officially licensed outfit covers its wearer with Bender’s steely look from head to toe, complete with the robot’s menacing grimace, three-pronged hands, articulated arms and legs, and “compartment of mystery.” Attached hoops shape the tunic into Bender’s characteristic cylindrical form. Wear this and let the stupid meatbags know who’s boss!

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