Child Black Bat Wings


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Our children transform before our eyes. They start out so tiny that their whole hands can barely grasp around one of our fingers and it seems like only days have passed before they are running around on all fours and then wholly bipedal people, talking and changing the world around us. It is alarming and frightening at the same time as it is heartwarming. But, phew, once they start growing their wings and taking off in the middle of the living room, it gets harder to manage…. Wait, you’re saying that your kiddos haven’t grown their wings yet? Still completely grounded? Hmm. Well, we can’t have them being called names or thinking that they are somehow missing out on an important part of their lives. Tell you what… we have plenty of these Child Black Bat Wings available that you can use to transform your tyke until their real wings come in. This comfy neck banded cape has slide-on wrist cuffs at the tip of each wing for simple control while they are off developing their vampire, wizard, witch, or completely unaligned flight skills. Sit back in pride at your flying tyke and just be glad that you’ve got a couple years before the radioactive mind control powers kick in!

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