Child Blueberry Costume


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They say that those little blueberries are fantastic for you and they also say that you are what you eat. Well this poor kid may have eaten a few too many blueberries then. At least she’s incredibly healthy and full of antioxidants! We’ve also heard that blue is a very sad color too. (We hear a lot of things apparently.) We say no way to that! It’s an awesome color! Look at all the things that are blue! The ocean, everybody wants to see a blue moon (Okay that’s not actually blue) the sky is a gorgeous blue and just think how lame a fruit bowl would be without at least a few beautiful blueberries. Blue is definitely a happy color. Not to mention blueberry muffins are about the most iconic muffins ever invented. Time to complete the fruit bowl of Halloween costumes. We’ve seen costumes of apples, bananas (SO MANY BANANAS), even some oranges and strawberries here and there (once we saw a coconut.) But for all you folks who fell in love with the bunch of blueberries and wanted to become one but couldn’t figure out how, we’ve got you the hook up! Our blueberry costume is a great look for fruit (blue fruit especially) loving kids everywhere! Now all you need is to find a giant bowl of oatmeal to jump into… Or you could just grab a bunch of friends who like different fruits and make your own fruit bowl. Take it a step further and have a buddy dressed as an artist for a sweet still life painting era theme! (Kids if you know what we’re talking about you should skip grade school and go straight to college!)

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