Child Brown Gloves


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We have a question for you: what can your child do with a pair of gloves? They can usually wear them with all kinds of different costumes. Or, they can also wear them around and pretend that they have cybernetic super hands. Gloves have been around for so long, that their many uses are pretty well documented. So, what can your kid do with these Brown Gloves? The same things they can do with any other pair of gloves, silly! Brown gloves aren’t just for gardening anymore, they can be used with all kinds of costumes. Since they are the same color as classic leather gloves, brown gloves make a great substitute for actual leather. They look great with football player outfits, or for Robin Hood and other woodland or medieval costumes. Your little one can also pretend that they have cyber hands under leather gloves, like a classy secret agent!

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