Child Classic Star Wars The Force Awakens Stormtrooper Costume


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“You are stormtroopers. You are the keenest weapon in the Emperor’s arsenal. Do not fail him.” – Commander Alecia BeckYou might not know this but the Galactic Empire is looking for recruits. And they start pretty young, so they can all get that uniform movement to them. It is pretty amazing how much a young person can learn under rigorous training programs.Now, you are very confused, you thought your son was going to be a Rebel. But he is really into the way stormtroopers look. Just look at how cool their helmets are! (We would be one if that meant we got the uniform.) He talks all the time about going off to an Imperial Academy to learn to become one of those brave soldiers he looks up to so much.Maybe by getting him this Child Classic Star Wars The Force Awakens Stormtrooper Costume he will get all this Empire stuff out of his mind, and join you in the Rebel forces. But then again the helmet is kind of awesome, and once he puts it on he might never want to take it off again. He might find that he likes the strict structure of the Empire. He did adore Darth Vader, and now he really does look up to Kylo Ren. They are both just so bad. But don’t worry, he will be running back to the Rebels when he realizes the Empire will require that he make his bed every day. Every. Single. Day.

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