Child Day of the Dead Senorita Costume

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All Hallows Eve, Halloween, Dia de Muertos… the Day of the Dead. This is a time of mystery, of intrigue, of magic. It is a time where the veil between the living and the dead becomes thinner and where we have a chance to celebrate the other side. It isn’t just the allure of the other place that makes us so curious about what it is like to be over there or makes it seem like the colors are so much more vivid, though. It is just how temporary the opening between the two realms is that makes it so captivating!That’s what makes this season so exceptional. The thinning of the veil that separates us excites us all because we’re watching that fence vanish and bring those bright greens right into our hands. Dia de Muertos and Halloween both call on some fantastic colors to bring the spirits and us together… but only if we’re ready to show just how bright and flashy we can be! And, this time, your little lass can join in on the fun.Get ready for the Day of the Dead with this fantastic Child Day of the Dead Senorita costume. Blend Mexican tradition with vivid color and show the brighter side of the spiritual realm. The floral print, lace, and pom pom details on the gown make for an adorable base in this U-neck dress, made all the more unique with an intricate red laced front. The included floral designed eye mask gives your gal some traditional d├ęcor for the celebration and the matching headband and mesh gloves complete the look. Complement this bright look with the right skull face paint and she will look like she belongs perfectly among the land of the dead… just for the night.

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