Child Deluxe Blue Clone Trooper Rex Costume


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So, the Clone Wars weren’t a great time for a lot of the Universe. The Trade Federation was messing up entire worlds with their droid armies, Mandalorians were causing all sorts of problems for the Jedi, and on top of all of that, Count Dooku was mucking about with his protégé. But you know what? There are still some pretty great stories of wonderful friendships that blossomed out of all the drama.What, you think we mean Anakin and Obi-Wan? Heck no. The real bromance was between Anakin and CT-7567, better known as Captain Rex. And, with this outfit, now your little one can be the bravest and most trusted clone trooper in the Empire. Just get him this Child Deluxe Blue Clone Trooper Rex Costume and watch as he commands the 501st Battalion through some of the greatest and most dangerous battles of the entire war. In this outfit, your little one will be the soldier Anakin Skywalker calls on to lead the insurgency in Naboo, or the attack on Kashyyk. That’s a pretty heavy responsibility, but you know your kiddo can handle it.And when he suits up to defend Coruscant or Yavin, make sure he doesn’t forget his included black and white jumpsuit with attached armor, attached shoe covers, and two piece clone trooper helmet. Accessorize with a deluxe clone trooper blaster to finish the perfect look. Now stand back and watch as he plans out the best method of attack with Anakin and the other Jedi Masters to in order to save the galaxy.

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