Child Deluxe Winter Soldier Costume

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If you’re ready to have a highly trained assassin running around your home then we’ve got the perfect costume for your kiddo. Check out this Child Deluxe Winter Soldier Costume! It will be perfect for your little super soldier to start his training to become HYDRA’s deadliest warrior.Once your youngster tosses on this officially licensed jumpsuit, he’ll look more than ready to tear through metal doors and catch vibranium shields with his bare hand. Captain America is never one to back down from a fight but even he would think twice about going head to head against your kiddo with this costume on. He’ll look as lethal and stealthy as the main villain in the second installment of the Captain American movie franchise. Although if your little one knows anything about the Winter Soldier, then he knows that he will be dressed up as much more than another super villain bent on world destruction or domination. He is also one of the most heroic characters in the Marvel universe. The Winter Soldier a.k.a. Bucky Barns is one of the few people to take on the role of Captain America in Steve Rodgers’ absence! Now whether your kiddo wants to act as the brainwashed super soldier or the renowned SHIELD agent this Halloween is up to him. However, it may be in your best interest to remind him that the good guys get the king sized candy bars. Finish this deluxe costume off with a pair of Winter Soldier gloves and a black wig. With this amazing new look, he’ll be sure to have a Marvel-ous Halloween.

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