Child Fisherman Costume

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This one time, after office hours, we went to the stream out back and caught a fish thiiiiiiiiiis big! No, really!Alright, fine. There’s no stream out back. And the last fresh fish we at was at the sushi place just North of town. You got us. But we really wish we had our own fish stories to tell. All we have is this one about a young lad who loved fishing. He always told his parents that someday he would be a fisherman. He was far too young to do what he did next.He packed a rain coat and his pole and ran away to Alaska to fish with the big boys. No one believed he was old enough, so he strapped on a beard and went to work. He was not strong enough yet to reel in the big fish, and his crewmates started to suspect something when his beard flew off once. Well, he came clean to the captain who was stunned the little lad was a wee six-years-old. He, after all, was one strong three-year-old. The little fisherman was sent back to his happy family. But, the little lad did keep his fishing gear, beard included, for the next big adventure. Did you like our story?!Your little one can run away to Alaska, too, with this Child Fisherman Costume. The 100 percent polyester windbreaker fabric is bright and yellow. This costume includes the traditional “sou’wester” hat, in addition to the synthetic gray beard. Get ready for fishing adventures and be sure you stay dry while reeling in those story-worthy fishes! Costume not designed for real fishing, but sure is cute for those pretend fishing trips. Just add a fake fish and the costume is ready for action.

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