Child General Grievous Costume


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Luke Skywalker, Obi-wan Kenobi, Darth Vader, they all use a single lightsaber. Meh, kinda boring but whatever, maybe that’s all they can handle. Darth Maul used a double-sided saber, which is kinda cool, sort of. General Grievous uses four freaking lightsabers! Four! Go back and read that again. You think that’s a typo? It’s not (we checked). How cool is that? Honestly, it’s incredibly cool! Sure, he’s also mostly machine, seems to have kind of a wheezing death rattle at times (may or may not be related to his cyborg body), and he pretty shrewdly evil… but FOUR lightsabers! What more do you want? You can’t get better than four lightsabers. And yes, yes, we know what you’re thinking, “what if someone got five lightsabers?” Ha ha ha, are you serious? Five lightsabers? Don’t be ridiculous. It doesn’t make any sense and it’s most certainly not canon. Sheesh. You hear about a dude having four lightsabers and you suddenly think you can throw any old number out there? Get real.So give your child the gift of the most awesome General Grievous and his four lightsabers! How is your kid going to hold four lightsabers at the same time? We have no idea, that’s not our department, but your kid will be too excited to care because he/she gets to wear this awesome outfit with a mask and cape. A cape too? See! Grievous just gets better and better. And the armor attachments will help protect them as they excitedly bounce off the walls, swinging their lightsabers (did we mention how many?) at every possible object within striking distance. Use the force! Or just use the lightsabers. It worked for Grievous.

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