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Crafty and CunningCrafty kids always make it into Slytherin. After all, it is the Hogwarts House for the cunning, the ambitious, and the resourceful. Those are the traits that Salazar Slytherin valued and those are the values that the sorting hat looks for to this very day!Yes, alright. Let’s address the elephant in the room. Most of Harry Potters enemies came from House Slytherin, like Draco Malfoy and Voldemort, but that doesn’t mean that all wizards from that house are destined to become practitioners of the Dark Arts. Some Slytherin alumni walk the path of good! After all, wizards like Merlin and Severus Snape were also from Slytherin! There is one common thread amongst all Slytherin wizards—they’re all destined for greatness!Product DetailsIf your child dons this authentic Harry Potter Vintage Slytherin Robe for kids, the sky will be the limits for them! The officially licensed robe captures the true spirit of the garb worn by wizards in the movie series. It is made out of a black, faux wool fabric and even has an interior lining with the dark green color of the Hogwarts House. The front also features the Slytherin snake emblem, solidifying your child’s status as an up and coming wizard! A metal chain and clasp at the neck keeps the robe secured and the elongated hood helps get your child in the mood for some sorcerous spells. Finally, the robe has a convenient surprise that any young witch or wizard will appreciate. A 10-inch pocket comfortably fits most wands!Destined for GreatnessIf your child is destined for great things, then Slytherin is the Hogwarts House for them! Make sure they get a jumpstart on their magical journey by getting them dressed up in this vintage style Slytherin Robe from the Harry Potter films.

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