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Gotta have HufflepuffDespite the drama of Gryffindor and the high-end trappings of Slytherin, when it comes to hanging out and making friends, there’s no house like Hufflepuff. This house knows all about having a good time. Some people say that Hufflepuff takes anyone but we believe that that’s where all the laid-back and excepting wizards end up. They are all about hands-on work, loyalty, and dedication. They’re the witches and wizards that you’d want as your neighbor. A Hufflepuff will show up at your front door with freshly harvested veggie soup when you’re sick. You can rely on folks from this house to help watch your dog when you’re out of town or make you laugh when you’re feeling down. So, when it comes to getting sorted, Hufflepuff is a house to be proud of!Product Details This skirt can stand solo or be paired with the rest of our Hufflepuff accessories. It has deep pleats with satiny argyle inserts in the Hufflepuff gray and yellow. The black fabric is accented with the official badger crest so people will know which house your child is representing at first glance. School’s in sessionSo, if your child is ready to shout out her Hufflepuff alliance loud and proud, she’ll love how cute this skirt is. It can be paired with our knee-high socks, the yellow and gray tie, or the matching cozy scarf if it’s chilly. This skirt is the perfect accessory perfect for school spirit days, literacy events, and Harry Potter themed parties. In fact, we think it’ll be one of the best ways to show that Hufflepuff pride!

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