Child Jack Sparrow Hat


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If you’ve seen all of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies then you know that Jack’s lost his hat more times than we can count but somehow it always comes back to him. Take, for instance, every time Captain Jack gets arrested, though they always take his hat, he always makes sure he gets it back from the jailer, even if it’s through questionable means. Whether he’s taking on the Kraken or he’s stuck tugging his ship along a desert landscape in Davey Jones’s locker Captain Sparrow keeps his jaunty cap on his head if he can help it. Yeah, there are those who try and steal it away, that monkey in particular but this tan leather hat wouldn’t look right any anyone but good old Jack or your very own child when they’re dressed like Captain Jack. Whether your little one is battling sea monsters or simply trick-or-treating, they’ll really get into it when they put on this high-quality tricorn hat. After all, who knows if it’s what’s in Captain Jack’s head or on his head that’s kept him out of trouble again and again.

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