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Here’s something we never quite understood about Team Rocket. Their whole goal was to steal Pokémon, right? So they spent nearly every waking moment of their lives trying to kidnap one single Pikachu, despite the fact that you can catch one in the wild within, like, 30 minutes of starting a new game of Pokémon Red. We’re pretty sure Professor Oak would have just given them an even rarer Pokémon if they’d just asked him nicely. And where does all this get them? Stomped, zapped, and otherwise blasted at the speed of light into the outer atmosphere for 671 consecutive TV episodes. You’d think they’d eventually get the message.Team Rocket’s three most famous members are Jessie, James, and a Meowth who can talk. (Why they never addressed the fact that Team Rocket had the world’s only talking Pokémon is beyond us too — wouldn’t that make Meowth far more valuable than a Pikachu who could only say his own name?) James prefers poison-type Pokémon, which is really smart to make the only kind of Pokémon you carry with you because it’s not like one single low level psychic-type could wipe out your entire team in eight seconds. At least he has style — it’s widely known that guys who carry around a rose are always a hit with the ladies.With our James Team Rocket Costume you’ll have all the clothes you need to capture the lovable rogue’s look. All you’ll need is James’ impossible purple anime hair, which we conveniently also have in stock, and to teach your cat how to speak and come up with snarky comebacks. This will be hard to do, and once you have other people are sure to try to steal him from you. Wouldn’t that be ironic?

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