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Jawa costumes are perfect for children. Number one: both Jawas and children are generally pretty short! Number two: both Jawas and children speak in a complex gibberish that few manage to understand outside of their parents. So, Jawas and children are basically the same thing, right? What child wouldn’t want to drive around the desert in a giant Sandcrawler, picking up scrap and trash and lost droids? Then they can sell those droids to some poor hapless moisture farmer who happens to have a nephew destined to restore balance to the force. Actually, we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s back up: Jawas are these little guys with glowing eyes. How are you not sold on this already? Nothing is going to be cuter than your kid wobbling around wearing this brown hooded tunic with his glowing eyes saying “Utinni!” at everything. We guarantee it!The only way to make this costume even better would be to add a lightsaber. Can you imagine, a Jawa with a lightsaber?! It’s the Star Wars fan fiction we never knew we wanted. Imagine some little Jawa battling Darth Vader while all his friends (family members? We’re not sure if all those Jawas are related or what) scurry around collecting scrap. They’d probably try to dismantle Darth Vader’s machine parts and resell them in their shop. Or a Jawa training with Yoda? Yoda would just say “my size you are!” and the Jawa would say “Utinni!” because that’s all Jawas ever say. Jedi Jawa! Now’s your chance to make this dream a reality!

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