Child Joker Gloves Purple – Halloween Batman Movie Costume Accessory


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What’s the most recognizable part of the Clown Prince of Crime’s ensemble? His green coif? His purple waistcoat? His clown shoes? No, his Purple Joker Gloves, of course! Little known fact: ever since the Joker fell in that vat of acid that froze his face into a rictus grin, he never commits a crime without his gloves. He may be criminally insane, but that doesn’t mean he wants to leave fingerprints! So whether he’s setting up Joker gas canisters or tiny chattering teeth toys, recording weirdly personal videos for B-Man, or just painting over his mustache with greasepaint or sending his Suicide Squad co-stars his unmentionables in his off-time, Mr. J.’s never without his signature Purple Joker Gloves.Our replicas of the Joker’s purple gloves are made of soft and flexible faux leather, so your child will never miss a beat against the Bat–or any other do-gooders they come up against–due to inflexibility.

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