Child Magic School Bus Ugly Christmas Sweater

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Hop on the Magic School BusEvery kid digs a good field trip. Normally, that means heading to an orchestra concert or heading to a park. If they’re really lucky, it might mean taking a tour of a museum. Of course, that’s not what it means for Ms. Frizzle’s class! Their field trip schedule looks a little something like this. Surfing on a sound wave is on Monday and then on Tuesday, they’ll be swinging through the stars. You can’t even imagine what kind of adventure that they have planned for Wednesday! If only we were all so lucky to be in her fourth-grade class…Now, with this Magic School Bus Ugly Christmas sweater, any kid can feel like a part of Ms. Frizzle’s class. The warm and cozy crewneck sweater is dark blue and made out of acrylic. The front has a large Magic School Bus logo on the front, along with a repeating star pattern throughout. The orange accents around the neck and waist add a nice pop of color and the little planet and star designs along the bottom really tie the whole look together. It’s a great way for any little Ms. Frizzle fan to keep warm during the chilly months!

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