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The Mighty MooseWhoa, whoa, whoa. Is that a mighty moose emerging from the woods!? Nah, it’s just your kid! And that’s because you had the foresight to get them a pretty slick costume. It’s mighty moose time!That’s right, he might not have known exactly what he wanted to be this year, but when he gets a load of these moose horns, we’re sure he’s gonna be hooked. Next thing you know, he’ll be out lumbering in the woods stomping his massive hooves and making thunderous moose calls. Or, er, you know, just doing the Halloween rigamarole and the normal fun stuff!Well, this costume will have him ready for all that and more. With moose horns! Yup, he’ll be all set to be a mighty forest creature, so let’s go get wild!Design & DetailsThis Child’s Mighty Moose Costume is made and designed right here at We’re all about the wild north, so we thought it’d be a great idea to make sure we have costumes for all of the coolest animals to be found in the wild. And this Moose costume does not disappoint.A Brown Fleece finish feels just right, and it features faux fur around the neck for the wild look. It has vinyl “hooves” attached at the wrists and ankles, to cover the hands and feet and have him looking like true four-legged beastie. The headpiece finishes the fun, with a snout, eyes, and moose horns, he’ll be ready to make that moose call in no time!From the Forest to your homeWe’ve got costume styles for all the critters in the woods, that’s for sure, but we also have selections for just about every other kind of animal you can think of, too! Be sure to check out all of our Made by Us and exclusive costumes to see all of the most popular choices.

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