Child Munchkin Coroner Costume


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In any Munchkin city, there is an important job held that is always held by a young munchkin. The village coroner! You see, you can’t really be sure a wicked villain is dead until you see the certificate of death, and the only munchkin who can provide one is the coroner. If you haven’t met him yet, you’re sure to run into him on the street in the village, and you can identify him by his blue coat!The coroner is really good at making death certificates (really really good) and he totally looks like a little boss in his blue satin robe. (We also hear he has a pretty good singing voice too!) If you’d like to have your little one look like he could fill the role of coroner in a magical, far-off land, just outfit them with this exclusive costume. It will give your little guy or gal the look to complete your fantastical group theme. Help them make a little death certificate prop, and they’ll be ready to roam the neighborhood looking for any houses that make have landed by accident!

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